Your Taurus Child’s Personality

Kelli Fox

What is your child’s personality? What can you do to help your little one thrive? Your child’s astrological sun sign can reveal their natural tendencies, personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. This guide to your child’s sun sign will help you gain valuable information and insight into each sign’s nuances and quirks. To understand your child’s behavior and emotions, read below.

Routine and order best suits your Taurus child. Studious, calm and well-behaved, Taurus enjoy books and learning. Encourage activities that engage all five senses and their natural musical and vocal ability at an early age. A tendency toward quiet, and content to be alone, your little bull may need regular encouragement to be with friends more often. Predictable, practical and methodical, your Taurus child may even know what kind of career they would like to do at a young age. With a sensitivity to color and sound, this earth sign doesn’t adapt well to quick transitions. Taurus enjoys stability, physical comfort and assurances.

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