Scorpio Friendships

Kelli Fox

Astrology tells us so much about ourselves; the planets in their orbits reflect our basic life forces. They influence our characteristics by their relationship to each other, as measured from the moment of our birth. These relationships between the planets, their positions in relation to the place of our birth tell us of their expression in the spheres of life depicted in the astrological houses

Many mistakenly think that is all there is to Astrology, simply watching constellations process through the Zodiac, but there is much, much more. The Zodiac is a 360 degree circle divided into 12 sections, each associated with certain characteristics based on qualities on the elements Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

Each of these four elements has three states named Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Those of us with an emphasis on Cardinal signs tend to be leaders or initiators, they're goal oriented, never taking their eyes off of the prize. Those of us with an emphasis on fixed signs tend to be "status quo" people. They're efficient, good organizers, tending to react to situations and not to initiate them. Those with mutable emphasis love change; they seek the new and have no love for the "status quo."

So with 12 Zodiac signs each belonging to an element, each in one of the three states gives us an infinite number of personalities and characteristics. Each of us, holding specific aspects of each, so there is no pure Taurus or Sagittarius. With the factors of heredity and influences of the states and elements two people born into Aries can seem as different as night and day. The date, time and places of their births, separating them, giving them, different relationships to the different planets.

So which signs should you be friends with?

Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign ruled by Pluto; the scorpion is a solitary creature. They're never aggressive unless disturbed. Scorpios seek a deep commitment from their partners; they're complex and prone to jealousy. This due to their passion and sense of justice, they desire openness and honesty in a relationship and won't brook betrayal or infidelity. As a Water sign they're long on endurance, just as with Cancer and Pisces. While Scorpios can appear dark and mysterious, once through their defenses Scorpio's are intuitive and with their strong desire to succeed, can endure the troubles which might cripple other relationships.

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