Your Scorpio Child’s Personality

Kelli Fox

What is your child’s personality? What can you do to help your little one thrive? Your child’s astrological sun sign can reveal their natural tendencies, personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. This guide to your child’s sun sign will help you gain valuable information and insight into each sign’s nuances and quirks. To understand your child’s behavior and emotions, read below.

Gentle discipline will help guide your Scorpio child. Penetrating, intense and often misunderstood, Scorpio is strong-willed and emotional. They are loyal, brave, serious, resourceful and determined. This water sign enjoys puzzles, mysteries and secrets. They tend to be private, sensitive and stubborn. Routine is best since they don’t adapt well to change. Your little scorpion can be precocious, volatile, sarcastic and tenacious. They require healthy physical and mental outlets, and constant reassurance. Scorpions are most obedient and eager to please when they feel accepted. They benefit from learning forgiveness and how to compromise. Quiet, introspective Scorpio is capable of serious focus.

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