Your Sagittarius Pet

Kelli Fox

Humans aren’t the only ones on Earth affected by the planets’ movements. Just as you have a distinct personality, so does your beloved dog or cat — and just as your personality is affected by the position of the Sun at the moment of your birth, so is Fido’s or Tiger’s. Like their human counterparts, animals express their personality traits through the energy of the Sun, as filtered through the Signs of the Zodiac.

Read your pet’s Sign to discover how the Zodiac has influenced his or her personality. If you aren’t sure of your pet’s exact birth date, read through each Sign profile to find the one that fits your furry friend to a T. Chances are good that your pet was born when the fiery Sun was passing through that Sign.

The most important thing for you to know about your Sagittarius animal is that he prizes his freedom. Keep your Sagittarius kitty restricted indoors or your dog chained up in the yard, and you’ll create a very unhappy animal indeed. But if you can find ways to let your furry friend roam — within safe, reasonable limits, of course — you will nurture her sense of independence as well as her self-confidence. It’s a good idea to microchip these animals, in case they roam so far that they actually get lost. Sagittarius pets are extremely gregarious, so take them on outings whenever possible to satisfy their social needs. Sagittarius dogs make excellent travelling, hiking and camping companions (and your kitty might surprise you on that level, too!). These animals are very high-spirited and energetic, so be sure to provide them with lots of opportunities to exercise. And finally, try not to take it too personally if your Sagittarius pet isn’t quite as devoted to you as you might prefer. These animals have an easy-come, easy-go approach to life, and that can include their human companions. You might find out your Sagittarius cat has two or three other households that consider her their own! If so, take it as a testament to this animal’s friendly, free and loving spirit.

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