Your Parenting Style by Zodiac Sign

Kelli Fox

Anyone who has ever had a child knows parenting is one of the most rewarding jobs there is — but also one of the toughest. The way we raise our children is inevitably a combination of strategies learned from our own families of origin along with those techniques we pick up from books, magazines and Web sites devoted to parenting advice. Our natural instincts go into it along with the social, cultural and religious traditions we are a part of, whether by birth or by choice. What is your approach to raising a child? Is your style your own, or are you carrying on patterns and rituals you learned from your own parents? Chances are, you’re enacting a combination of both — and everything you do regarding your child is filtered through your Sun sign, which has everything to do with how you comfort, nurture, teach and discipline the young person you’re in charge of. Read on to find out more about how your sign takes on the task of rearing a child.

Aries (March 20th - April 19th)

Aries is born to lead, and your child knows this about you from day one. Your home life is fast-paced and energetic. You encourage your child to pursue athletics and other competitive activities, and you’re right there cheering them on, every step of the way. When you feel your child has been treated unfairly, whether by a teacher, a coach, a friend or anyone else, you aren’t afraid to step up and speak your mind to the offender. While this might embarrass your child from time to time, especially as they grow old enough to fight their own battles, they’re sure to appreciate having a parent who is always in their corner. Still, it’s important to work on reining in your temper, especially when it’s directed toward your child — and especially if that child is made of more sensitive stuff than you are. The good news is, as quickly as your temper flares, you forgive, forget and move on. Besides, your strong mind and willpower serve as good examples for your child in learning to grow up to be a courageous, independent adult.

Taurus (April 20th - May 20th)

Lucky Taurus naturally possesses one of the most important gifts of parenting: patience. When your child acts out, makes a mistake or is simply a little slow to understand a new rule or concept, you have what it takes to hang in there and stay calm as you keep working toward common ground. You’re also highly affectionate, giving your child plenty of hugs, kisses and affirmative words. You might also nurture with food; in fact, your child may grow up knowing you’re a pushover. You want your family to enjoy life, so you tend to say “yes” a lot more often than “no,” even when it comes to sweet treats and other things that may not be in your child’s best interests. Discipline may not be your strong point; nor is staying firm when you’ve set a limit that your child is trying to cross. These are your parenting challenges to work on — but knowing the Bull, you’ll put in as much effort as it takes, practicing your skills until you’ve got all the wrinkles ironed out.

Gemini (May 21st - June 20th)

As with most things in life, Gemini approaches parenting from an intellectual standpoint. Before you have a child, you’ll prepare yourself by reading all about pregnancy, birth and parenting. Once you have a child, you’ll be the one chatting with all the other moms and dads at the park, trading hilarious kid stories and ideas for new strategies to try at home. Your home life is filled with talk and laughter as well; you’ll bring up your child to appreciate the written and spoken word, exposing them early to the pleasures of bedtime stories, funny movies, libraries and bookstores, and more. The emotional side of parenting may be a bit more challenging for you, since you tend to intellectualize your own feelings. You might attempt to do the same with your child, even if, in reality, all they want is to be heard and understood (and, of course, hugged). Still, you aren’t one to keep trying the same old approach when it’s clear it isn’t working. With your keen mind, you’re sure to try out new approaches to problems as they crop up, and figure out what works best with your little one.

Cancer (June 21st - July 21st)

Cancer is one of the most nurturing signs of the Zodiac. You have strong instincts about how to raise a child, and you connect with your little one in a deeply emotional and intuitive way. Food and family traditions play a big part in your home life; you enjoy teaching your child about long-standing family rituals, especially those that revolve around the dining table. You’re also quite protective of your child and are willing to work hard to provide the stable, secure home life they deserve. Ironically, your challenge as a parent also lies in how deeply feeling you can be. Sometimes it can be tough to keep your perspective when your child acts out, flouting the rules or limits you’ve set for them. When problems inevitably develop, you have a tendency to fret and ruminate over them rather than simply talking them through in a calm and open manner. If you’re like many Cancers, you can also be somewhat moody, but as a parent, it’s important to stay on an even keel so your child knows what to expect. Still, this shouldn’t be too difficult, since you always put your child’s best interests first.

Leo (July 22nd - August 21st)

As one of the most charismatic signs of the Zodiac, it’s only natural that Leo makes such a captivating parent. Your adoring child sees you as the family’s warm, bright, fascinating center and looks to you for both guidance and entertainment. Leo is quite a loyal and family-oriented sign, so parenting probably comes somewhat naturally to you. You love helping your child develop their creativity; your home life is noisy, fun and expressive, likely featuring regular performances of music, dance or playacting. Being quite dramatic in your emotions and self-expression, you teach your child to be the same way, and your family is no stranger to either tears or laughter. You’re quite demonstrative in expressing your love and devotion, showering your little one with plenty of hugs and kisses along with toys, clothes and other gifts. One of your challenges as a parent is knowing when to tone down the drama — such as when you’d like nothing better than to put your child’s teacher in their place, or to let your little one have it when they’ve acted out or broken a rule. Another challenge is sharing the spotlight with your child. This can be difficult, but in the end, you see them as a star, more than deserving of their time in the sun.

Virgo (August 22nd - September 21st)

Virgo tends to keep a clean and well-organized home, which is an important part of providing a stable foundation for your child. You also work best within a routine, and children also thrive on routine, especially when they’re young. Since your sign tends to focus on health issues, you’re careful to give your child healthful snacks and meals and to make sure they receive all their medical shots and checkups on time. You’re an excellent role model when it comes to clearing away mess, arriving at school, play dates and doctor’s appointments on time, and generally leading an orderly life. Most of all, you consider your role as a parent to be one of service, which you take on selflessly and wholeheartedly. Your parenting challenge is to remember to lighten up sometimes. Raising a child is certainly serious business, but it can also be a lot of fun, if you make an effort not to be too anxious or high-strung about things like cleanliness, safety or following the rules. Expect that bringing up a young person naturally comes with a certain level of mess and chaos. Embracing the disorder — and resisting your urge to nitpick and criticize — will make things much easier on everyone in the family.

Libra (September 22nd - October 22nd)

Since loving, affectionate Libra naturally focuses on harmony in relationships, it’s no wonder that you make such a warm and generous parent. When it comes to giving out hugs, kisses and emotional support, you’re a natural. You’re also an excellent role model in terms of creative self-expression; you’re sure to raise your child to appreciate art, music, style and beauty as much as you do. The same goes for social graces: You’re the parent out on the playground who isn’t shy about chatting up the other moms and dads, and you’re likely to be the one to organize play groups and encourage your child to reach out to other kids at school. You’re also a big believer in good manners, so you’re sure to raise a child who is always welcome in friends’ homes. Your challenge as a parent lies in being firm in setting limits for your little one and enforcing the consequences that come from breaking the rules. Meeting this challenge is all about balancing your urge to indulge your little one with the occasional but very real need for discipline. Rather than avoiding conflict, try to regard it not just as inevitable, but as a teachable moment for both you and your child, and trust in your ability to diminish tension with kindness and love.

Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st)

Scorpio can make an excellent parent because of your natural interest in and understanding of human psychology. A researcher at heart, you’re likely to read extensively about child development and parenting strategies that work. You might even explore your own childhood, including the gifts and wounds you’ve carried forward from your family of origin, in order to resolve issues from your past. This can be an important part of moving forward and becoming the best parent you can be for your child. As a deeply emotional person, you’re also able to connect with your child in an intuitive way, understanding their feelings and needs at a deep level. Do your best to respect your child’s privacy, however, especially as they grow older. Scorpio loves uncovering secrets and revealing hidden truths, plus you want to be an authority figure in your child’s life, but reading their journal or snooping in their emails or texts isn’t the best way to develop an honest, open and trusting relationship. Other controlling or manipulative tactics should also be avoided in favor of a more nurturing, communicative and supportive connection.

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 20th)

Many Sagittarius parents are more of a friend to their children than an authority figure, which has both advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, your home life emphasizes fun, adventure and experience. You’re likely to teach your child from an early age about the pleasures of exploring the world through books, travel, sports, and friendships with a variety of people. You’re an excellent role model in terms of your bright, optimistic outlook, your friendly and outgoing personality, and your exuberance in taking on life’s challenges as an exciting adventure. A lifelong learner, you pass along your open-minded perspective to your little one, teaching them by example to be curious about the world around them. But your parenting and home life may lack routine, while many children need the safety and stability of consistency to blossom. Your resistance to setting limits and rules could also be a disservice to your child over time. But since you’re quite flexible in your thinking and your approach to parenting, you’re sure to find the right combination of strategies that will help you raise a happy, stable and thriving child.

Capricorn (December 21st - January 18th)

Capricorn tends to have a traditional approach to parenting. You work hard to provide for your family, and you expect a lot out of your child, including good grades, impeccable manners, and a healthy respect for the rules. You see yourself as a guide and authority figure in your child’s life, and setting — and enforcing — limits comes naturally to you. For many Capricorns, this can translate into rather strict parenting; depending on your child’s personality, this approach could work well, or it could cause friction between you. It’s important to remember to show your child your softer side — everything from frequent hugs and kisses to laughing, relaxing and being playful together. And when discipline is necessary, strive to dole it out in a way that still communicates your unconditional love for your child. All they really want, in the end, is to know they’re loved no matter what. Of course, meeting these challenges shouldn’t be overly difficult for Capricorn; knowing you, you’ll keep perfecting your parenting skills until you work out the kinks and become the best parent you can be for your child.

Aquarius (January 19th - February 17th)

Aquarius is both loyal and stable, two qualities that make parenting easier in terms of providing the security, guidance and unwavering love that a young person needs to thrive. But since you’re also quite open-minded and progressive in many ways, your parenting style and home life may not be typical. You might raise your child on an organic farm or home-school them instead of enrolling them in a more traditional school. You’re also likely to pass along your humanitarian and environmentalist values to your child, teaching them by example to care about the world around them. However you approach parenting, you do it on your own terms, according to what you determine is best for your child and your family. As long as you provide the level of routine and stability that your child needs, they are likely to grow up feeling appreciative of having a parent who has always encouraged them to be true to exactly who they are, no matter how unusual their personality or interests might seem to others. Your parenting challenge is learning to be as open and expressive emotionally as you are intellectually. It’s important to give your child plenty of hugs and verbal affection, and to listen and support them even when you feel they’re being irrational or downright dramatic. Over time you’ll find that mirroring and validating their feelings actually helps them calm down and regain perspective more quickly.

Pisces (February 18th - March 19th)

Intuitive parenting comes naturally to Pisces, as do affection and unconditional love for your child. You find it easy to understand and connect with your child’s youthful, developing mind and heart. Your little one is likely to adore you, since you’re always willing to engage in storytelling, playacting and other flights of fancy; you encourage their creativity and teach them the value of imagination. You are also a wonderful role model in terms of compassion and empathy, passing these along to your child by example as you extend them toward other people, animals, plants and the earth. Your parenting challenge lies in providing the stability and routine your child needs to thrive. Many Pisceans tend to be somewhat forgetful and disorganized. You may struggle to get your little one to play dates or to school on time, and might realize once you get there that you’ve forgotten to pack them a lunch or make sure they have their jacket. You might also have trouble keeping up with your own responsibilities at work and at home, which can rub off on your child over the long term. The good news is, your endless, selfless love for your little one ensures that you will strive to provide them with the guidance and structure they need.

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