Your Libra Pet

Kelli Fox

Humans aren’t the only ones on Earth affected by the planets’ movements. Just as you have a distinct personality, so does your beloved dog or cat — and just as your personality is affected by the position of the Sun at the moment of your birth, so is Fido’s or Tiger’s. Like their human counterparts, animals express their personality traits through the energy of the Sun, as filtered through the Signs of the Zodiac.

Read your pet’s Sign to discover how the Zodiac has influenced his or her personality. If you aren’t sure of your pet’s exact birth date, read through each Sign profile to find the one that fits your furry friend to a T. Chances are good that your pet was born when the fiery Sun was passing through that Sign.

Harmony and affection — these are a Libra dog or cat’s idea of a wonderful life. This animal thrives in a household full of love, in which everyone gets along well together. Fighting and discord, on the other hand, can really cause this peace-loving animal to feel stressed, and that goes for discord between the humans in the house or between the animals. A noisy argument between two people will either have this kitty or pup acting as peacemaker or send him running to a safe hiding place. Once harmony is restored, all is well once again in the Libra pet’s world. Since partnership is a way of life for this animal, it’s a great idea to adopt another dog or cat for your furry Libra friend to play with. Just be sure to intervene when spats break out between two animals competing for your attention. Also, be as fair as possible in doling out treats, affection and discipline; your Libra pet is sure to notice any imbalances. If your Libra animal is an only pet, he’s likely to see you as his partner; he will stick close by your side and do everything possible to please you. For that reason, Libra pets can be highly trainable and obedient companions. They make wonderful family pets due to their sweet and sociable natures and their eagerness to oblige the humans they adore.

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