What Kind of Grandparent Are You, Sagittarius?

Kelli Fox

What kind of Grandma, Nana or Meme are you? What about Grandpa, Poppy or Pa Pa? Do you allow the grand kids to play their video games or text at the table, or do you live for now and just enjoy their company? Are you the tolerant, quiet grandparent or perhaps the more generous grandparent? In our complexities, do we project ourselves through our signs, and are we forgetting this isn't simply about generations, but also the signs of your grandchildren as well. These are your children, one step removed, "Just like little Johnny, only an Aries." Just like little Sue, only more ambitious or more stubborn. We love our grandchildren unconditionally, but how well can we relate to them?

The Archer Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire sign, always willing to go with the flow. But Sagittarius has a tendency towards the grandiose, so no baseball gloves for infants, or new bicycles, at least, until the child is old enough to walk. You love life and experience and so you tend to sometimes miss the smaller details. You're a teacher and love learning and you love sharing, don't let your enthusiasm overwhelm your common sense. Slow down, give your grandchildren a chance to catch up to you and listen to them, they have as much to teach about life as you do.

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