Great Gift Ideas for Libra

Kelli Fox

If you’ve been running out of ideas for what to give family and friends on birthdays or during the holidays, your worries end here: Now you can base their gift on their astrological sign. No more taking a shot in the dark or tucking a gift receipt into the box — now you can tailor your gifts to your loved ones’ Sun signs. Finally, you’ll please your gadget-loving Aquarius brother, your epicurean Taurus best friend, and everyone in between. Get a pen and notepad ready, and read on for great gift ideas based on the Zodiac signs.

Stylish Libra will love just about any gift they receive — at any rate, they would never let on if they didn’t like something you gave them. This can actually make it tough to shop for this sign, since Libra may not be completely open about their likes, dislikes, wants and needs. Still, gifts that play to Libra’s love of art, beauty, harmony and luxury should go over well.

Great gifts for Libra: A bottle of fine wine; a box of assorted gourmet chocolate truffles; a gift certificate to a day spa or a new, hot restaurant; a gorgeous designer scarf or hat; a sentimental item, such as a locket or framed photo, that signifies your love; a box of chocolate-covered strawberries; a gift subscription to a fashion or celebrity gossip magazine.

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