Your Gemini Pet

Kelli Fox

Humans aren’t the only ones on Earth affected by the planets’ movements. Just as you have a distinct personality, so does your beloved dog or cat — and just as your personality is affected by the position of the Sun at the moment of your birth, so is Fido’s or Tiger’s. Like their human counterparts, animals express their personality traits through the energy of the Sun, as filtered through the Signs of the Zodiac.

Read your pet’s Sign to discover how the Zodiac has influenced his or her personality. If you aren’t sure of your pet’s exact birth date, read through each Sign profile to find the one that fits your furry friend to a T. Chances are good that your pet was born when the fiery Sun was passing through that Sign.

Communication is any Gemini’s strong point, which means life with your Gemini pet is pretty noisy! Yips and barks, hisses and meows, growls and yelps and purring: Your job as their human companion is to figure out what it all means. Gemini dogs and cats are a chatty, flirtatious bunch, and they tend to have great senses of humor. This is the puppy you’ll catch chasing his tail or the kitty who amuses herself batting at invisible flies. This sociable animal will love accompanying you on errands or visits with friends. Still, as friendly as Gemini animals are, they may not be much for cuddling. This pet is also pretty independent, so be vigilant about keeping yours indoors or on a leash if you don’t want them to wander. Gemini animals love being talked and sung to, so keep the conversation going if you want to keep your friend’s attention. Gemini animals can also have two distinct sides to their personalities; don’t be surprised if your pet tends to be a bit Jekyll-and-Hyde. One minute your Gemini cat is purring contentedly in your lap, and the next, the claws come out! Finally, be patient with your Gemini pet when trying to teach commands, housetraining or anything else. This animal is very bright and quick-witted, but is also energetic and distractible, so lessons may have to be repeated several times before they stick.

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