Your Gemini Child’s Personality

Kelli Fox

What is your child’s personality? What can you do to help your little one thrive? Your child’s astrological sun sign can reveal their natural tendencies, personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. This guide to your child’s sun sign will help you gain valuable information and insight into each sign’s nuances and quirks. To understand your child’s behavior and emotions, read below.

Learning comes easily for your Gemini child. Curious witty, intelligent, and playful, Gemini like to read and write. A short attention span requires them to be in constant motion, usually by doing many things at once. This air sign requires a lot of stimulating mental and physical activity to curtail restless behavior. Gemini is good at debate and negotiating, but lack decisiveness. This sign of the twins has a great sense of humor, but may have difficulty relating to other’s feelings. They are talkative and tend to exaggerate, but don’t mean to lie. Independent, Gemini’s are great with their hands.

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