Father’s Day Gift Guide for Capricorn

Kelli Fox

It depends upon the man and his personal tastes, but also on the stars. Fathers are hard to buy gifts for as it is, they’ve either already got one or they don’t want one. Rarely, will they say, “You know I really need a good…” So we need insight, a way to seek out that perfect gift for Dad. We all want to buy a gift he will really enjoy and will actually use! Who knows, maybe Dad wants a salad shooter, new tool set or another weed popper, but perhaps a quick look at Dad’s Zodiac sign will give us the insight we need to find Dad a gift that will really surprise and delight him.

Capricorn is both responsible and resourceful; a spirit of independence compels them to do things by themselves. Because they are generally ambitious planners, a spur of the moment get-together probably won’t appeal to them. They enjoy leading a structured life. A Capricorn doesn’t want to do anything which might make them look foolish in public, like wearing a funny hat at a restaurant. Capricorns love to be in charge and need structure to feel comfortable. Let Dad pick out the restaurant and let Dad choose the time. A nice conventional Father’s day gift will make this Dad very happy.

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