What Kind of Father Are You, Aries?

Kelli Fox

Your astrological Sun sign can reveal the type of father you are and clue you into your your parenting style. For example, a sensitive, nurturing Cancer father enjoys spending time at home surrounded by family, and a spontaneous, active Aries father is always on the go and plans active family outings. You can gain insight into your strengths as a father and your parenting style according to the Zodiac.

The strong, warmhearted Aries father loves excitement and adventure! You love to be spontaneous and are always on the go. You plan active adventures for your kids such as hiking, riding bikes, or a day at an amusement park. You enjoy observing and participating in sporting events with your kids. Fathers with this optimistic fire sign encourage their kids with stories of their success. You can be counted on to provide your kids with the freedom to be independent.

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