Your Capricorn Pet

Kelli Fox

Humans aren’t the only ones on Earth affected by the planets’ movements. Just as you have a distinct personality, so does your beloved dog or cat — and just as your personality is affected by the position of the Sun at the moment of your birth, so is Fido’s or Tiger’s. Like their human counterparts, animals express their personality traits through the energy of the Sun, as filtered through the Signs of the Zodiac.

Read your pet’s Sign to discover how the Zodiac has influenced his or her personality. If you aren’t sure of your pet’s exact birth date, read through each Sign profile to find the one that fits your furry friend to a T. Chances are good that your pet was born when the fiery Sun was passing through that Sign.

Hardworking and trustworthy — that’s the Capricorn dog or cat. These pets thrive when given a trick to learn or a task to perform, so training is both important and effective with these animals. Be sure to reward good behavior, as Capricorn dogs will work hard for a treat. Routine is also big in a Capricorn animal’s life; these pets need a sense of security, so try to schedule walks or other exercise and feedings at the same times every day. That sense of regularity will help your Capricorn pet feel safe and confident, and in return, he will gift you with unrivaled devotion. Trust is important with Capricorn pets, so be patient if you adopted yours as a full-grown dog or cat. It may take her some time to start feeling secure enough to be affectionate with her new human companion. Even when you’ve lived with your Capricorn pet for a long time, however, don’t be surprised if he is still occasionally aloof, preferring solitude to company. This usually isn’t a sign of depression or disconnection; these animals simply need more alone time than other dogs and cats. Capricorn animals tend to make excellent family pets since they can be relied upon to follow the rules and protect the humans they love.

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