The Capricorn Parenting Style

Kelli Fox

Anyone who has ever had a child knows parenting is one of the most rewarding jobs there is — but also one of the toughest. The way we raise our children is inevitably a combination of strategies learned from our own families of origin along with those techniques we pick up from books, magazines and Web sites devoted to parenting advice. Our natural instincts go into it along with the social, cultural and religious traditions we are a part of, whether by birth or by choice. What is your approach to raising a child? Is your style your own, or are you carrying on patterns and rituals you learned from your own parents? Chances are, you’re enacting a combination of both — and everything you do regarding your child is filtered through your Sun sign, which has everything to do with how you comfort, nurture, teach and discipline the young person you’re in charge of. Read on to find out more about how your sign takes on the task of rearing a child.

Capricorn tends to have a traditional approach to parenting. You work hard to provide for your family, and you expect a lot out of your child, including good grades, impeccable manners, and a healthy respect for the rules. You see yourself as a guide and authority figure in your child’s life, and setting — and enforcing — limits comes naturally to you. For many Capricorns, this can translate into rather strict parenting; depending on your child’s personality, this approach could work well, or it could cause friction between you. It’s important to remember to show your child your softer side — everything from frequent hugs and kisses to laughing, relaxing and being playful together. And when discipline is necessary, strive to dole it out in a way that still communicates your unconditional love for your child. All they really want, in the end, is to know they’re loved no matter what. Of course, meeting these challenges shouldn’t be overly difficult for Capricorn; knowing you, you’ll keep perfecting your parenting skills until you work out the kinks and become the best parent you can be for your child.

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