Your Capricorn Child’s Personality

Kelli Fox

What is your child’s personality? What can you do to help your little one thrive? Your child’s astrological sun sign can reveal their natural tendencies, personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. This guide to your child’s sun sign will help you gain valuable information and insight into each sign’s nuances and quirks. To understand your child’s behavior and emotions, read below.

Order and routine are preferred by your Capricorn child. Practical, focused, loyal and devoted, Capricorn’s are polite, sweet, and gentle. They are ambitious, natural leaders, good scholars, successful and responsible. This earth sign can be strong-willed, and deliberate. Your little goat may know what kind of career they would like to do at a young age. They enjoy rituals, family holidays and tradition. They are loyal, kind, devoted, and reserved. The Capricorn child prefers the company of others to being alone. They can be critical at times and prone to moodiness. Observant, obedient Capricorn is affectionate, bright, methodical and curious.

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