Best Pets for Taurus

Kelli Fox

According to popular lore, dogs are man’s best friend — but while many people adore the devotion and companionship of a puppy, not everyone wants to deal with muddy paws, slobbery licks or begging at the dinner table. The same goes for cats: Some find them beautiful and intriguing, while others see them as little more than snooty sneeze-factories. So which furry, feathered or scaly animal could be your best friend? Your Zodiac sign is a great place to find ideas. Our signs impart unique qualities and characteristics that help shape not only our personalities, but also our preferences. Your Sun sign can reveal the type of animal that might make your very best companion — your own, personal best friend.

A sweet, fuzzy mutt who lazes at your feet on Sunday mornings... A soft, snuggly kitty whose purring body vibrates under your caresses... These animals match up best with tactile, comfort-seeking Taurus. Your best pet is a true and constant companion — no aloof or escapist species for you. If you love cats, get yours while it’s still a kitten, so it can learn to be the cuddly sidekick you crave instead of the distant, unsociable creature some cats become. An intelligent, hardworking breed of dog, such as a Border Collie, appeals to your industrious side. You also might enjoy working with farm animals, whether as a large-breed veterinarian or by volunteering at a local farm, so you can rub shoulders with the bovines that symbolize your sign.

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