Best Pets for Pisces

Kelli Fox

According to popular lore, dogs are man’s best friend — but while many people adore the devotion and companionship of a puppy, not everyone wants to deal with muddy paws, slobbery licks or begging at the dinner table. The same goes for cats: Some find them beautiful and intriguing, while others see them as little more than snooty sneeze-factories. So which furry, feathered or scaly animal could be your best friend? Your Zodiac sign is a great place to find ideas. Our signs impart unique qualities and characteristics that help shape not only our personalities, but also our preferences. Your Sun sign can reveal the type of animal that might make your very best companion — your own, personal best friend.

When it comes to loving, tender-hearted Pisces, you rarely meet an animal you don’t want to bring home with you. Strays off the street, puppies in pet shop windows and rescue animals all pull at your heartstrings. You tend to connect intuitively, even psychically, with animals. If raising an animal in captivity hurts your soul, you could work with animals in another capacity, such as volunteering your time at a shelter. Swimming with dolphins is controversial, but if anyone would enjoy connecting with this highly intelligent, intuitive species, it’s you. Fish may not be the cuddliest of companions, but since they symbolize your sign, you share a special bond. Plus, it can be meditatively relaxing to enjoy the gentle bubbling and humming of their tank as the fish swim contemplatively inside, their scales shimmering and throwing off tiny rainbows of light.

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