Best Pets for Leo

Kelli Fox

According to popular lore, dogs are man’s best friend — but while many people adore the devotion and companionship of a puppy, not everyone wants to deal with muddy paws, slobbery licks or begging at the dinner table. The same goes for cats: Some find them beautiful and intriguing, while others see them as little more than snooty sneeze-factories. So which furry, feathered or scaly animal could be your best friend? Your Zodiac sign is a great place to find ideas. Our signs impart unique qualities and characteristics that help shape not only our personalities, but also our preferences. Your Sun sign can reveal the type of animal that might make your very best companion — your own, personal best friend.

As the sign of the Lion, you’re likely to have a special affinity for felines — a proud, gorgeous kitty that preens and postures as if on stage, and knows its rightful place as head of the household. You’re also quite family-oriented and love a good animal performer, so you might adore teaching tricks to a breed of dog like a Cocker Spaniel or a Golden Retriever (both of which have the side benefit of golden, leonine hair). A bird with magnificent plumage, such as a cockatoo or a macaw, might also appeal to the beauty-lover in you.

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