The Aquarius Parenting Style

Kelli Fox

Anyone who has ever had a child knows parenting is one of the most rewarding jobs there is — but also one of the toughest. The way we raise our children is inevitably a combination of strategies learned from our own families of origin along with those techniques we pick up from books, magazines and Web sites devoted to parenting advice. Our natural instincts go into it along with the social, cultural and religious traditions we are a part of, whether by birth or by choice. What is your approach to raising a child? Is your style your own, or are you carrying on patterns and rituals you learned from your own parents? Chances are, you’re enacting a combination of both — and everything you do regarding your child is filtered through your Sun sign, which has everything to do with how you comfort, nurture, teach and discipline the young person you’re in charge of. Read on to find out more about how your sign takes on the task of rearing a child.

Aquarius is both loyal and stable, two qualities that make parenting easier in terms of providing the security, guidance and unwavering love that a young person needs to thrive. But since you’re also quite open-minded and progressive in many ways, your parenting style and home life may not be typical. You might raise your child on an organic farm or home-school them instead of enrolling them in a more traditional school. You’re also likely to pass along your humanitarian and environmentalist values to your child, teaching them by example to care about the world around them. However you approach parenting, you do it on your own terms, according to what you determine is best for your child and your family. As long as you provide the level of routine and stability that your child needs, they are likely to grow up feeling appreciative of having a parent who has always encouraged them to be true to exactly who they are, no matter how unusual their personality or interests might seem to others. Your parenting challenge is learning to be as open and expressive emotionally as you are intellectually. It’s important to give your child plenty of hugs and verbal affection, and to listen and support them even when you feel they’re being irrational or downright dramatic. Over time you’ll find that mirroring and validating their feelings actually helps them calm down and regain perspective more quickly.

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