Style Guide: A Fashion Makeover for Virgo

Kelli Fox

Just as the twelve Zodiac signs express their energies and personalities differently, according to the nature of their signs, they also express their personal styles in different and unique ways. Fire signs, for example, tend to love bold fashions and dramatic pops of color, while Earth signs gravitate toward simple, traditional lines and soothing earth tones. And there’s a lot more to it than that! Whether you’re due for a wardrobe makeover or you’re simply curious about another fun facet of astrology, read on to find out all about the looks and styles that best express the energies of your sign.

When it comes to fashion, lovely Virgo is attracted to sleek, refined lines and understated colors such as silver, violet and sage green. You tend to choose jackets, skirts and dresses with traditional cuts, and you love looking carefully put together. With your attention to detail, it’s rare that you’ll have a hair out of place. (On that note, if you have pets, you may want to carry a lint brush or roller with you, so you can remove stray hairs from your clothes before heading in to the office or out on a date.) You don’t like drawing too much attention to yourself, so your look is classic, whether you’re dressed for a business meeting or for the gym. As a Mutable sign, look for versatile styles in muted earth tones that shift well from the office to dinner with friends.

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