Style Guide: A Fashion Makeover for Pisces

Kelli Fox

Just as the twelve Zodiac signs express their energies and personalities differently, according to the nature of their signs, they also express their personal styles in different and unique ways. Fire signs, for example, tend to love bold fashions and dramatic pops of color, while Earth signs gravitate toward simple, traditional lines and soothing earth tones. And there’s a lot more to it than that! Whether you’re due for a wardrobe makeover or you’re simply curious about another fun facet of astrology, read on to find out all about the looks and styles that best express the energies of your sign.

Romantic Pisces is drawn toward delicate, flowy clothing in shimmery shades of silver, blue or green that evoke the depths of water and the light of the moon. You love incorporating unique accessories into your look, preferably artistic or handmade items, such as a chunky amethyst ring, a silver fish necklace, or mother-of-pearl earrings whose iridescence is reminiscent of sunlight on the ocean. As a Mutable sign, you also enjoy changing up your look from time to time, and might experiment with fashion styles the way children play dress-up. Since your sign rules the feet and toes, many Pisceans have a “thing” for great shoes. Just be sure to wear sturdy ones, since your sign can be prone to foot and ankle injuries. Finally, it’s a good idea to keep a swimsuit and towel handy in your car, so you’re always ready to enjoy a dip in the water any time the opportunity arises.

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