Style Guide: A Fashion Makeover for Libra

Kelli Fox

Just as the twelve Zodiac signs express their energies and personalities differently, according to the nature of their signs, they also express their personal styles in different and unique ways. Fire signs, for example, tend to love bold fashions and dramatic pops of color, while Earth signs gravitate toward simple, traditional lines and soothing earth tones. And there’s a lot more to it than that! Whether you’re due for a wardrobe makeover or you’re simply curious about another fun facet of astrology, read on to find out all about the looks and styles that best express the energies of your sign.

Libra is the sign of Balance, so it’s no wonder that you seek a balanced look that blends your innate creativity and sense of style with your romantic nature — and let’s not forget your urge to make a great impression on everyone you meet. As an Air sign with a strong romantic streak, you love loose, flowy items that breathe. The artist in you is also drawn to interesting, even architectural wardrobe pieces, such as a bold handbag, striking earrings or high-heeled, angular shoes. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to balance it with softer colors and lines to offset any elements of your look that might otherwise appear harsh or gaudy. As a Cardinal sign, you’re also drawn toward fashions that project the take-charge part of your personality, such as classic pieces with strong, simple lines, dressed up with pops of color and other unique details.

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