Fashion For Virgo: An Astrological Guide to Style

Kelli Fox

Did you know that each of the twelve astrological signs possesses its own, unique style? How does your sign show its true colors? Spring is the perfect time for a makeover — or even a complete closet overhaul. Read on to learn how to enhance your natural astrological energies through your clothing and accessories, and give expression to your very own style through the lens of your Sun sign.

Refined Virgo gravitates toward elegant clothing styles and understated colors that won’t make too much of a splash. Traditional, classic lines appeal to you, and you always make an effort to appear well put together. Yours is a Mutable sign, so seek out outfits that can do double-duty, moving with you from work to a date or meeting up with friends. You’re at your best in muted colors like dove gray, lavender and sage green, but don’t be afraid to challenge everyone’s expectations from time to time with a loud pop of color. After all, it’s okay to have a little fun with your look sometimes! Finally, especially if you have pets, be sure to pack a lint roller in your bag or the glove compartment of your car, so you can always make your best impression.

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