Fashion For Gemini: An Astrological Guide to Style

Kelli Fox

Did you know that each of the twelve astrological signs possesses its own, unique style? How does your sign show its true colors? Spring is the perfect time for a makeover — or even a complete closet overhaul. Read on to learn how to enhance your natural astrological energies through your clothing and accessories, and give expression to your very own style through the lens of your Sun sign.

Playful Gemini should have a great time experimenting with fashion. Look for bright, fun colors and patterns that express your natural vitality. As a Mutable sign, your flexible nature demands clothing that can move with you from daytime to nighttime, or from the office to an evening out on the town. On that note, clothes that allow you plenty of physical flexibility and movement are right up your alley, but that doesn’t have to mean athletic clothes. Look for styles that let you mix it up a bit — a full skirt with a vintage top, perhaps, or slacks with a great pair of shoes. Gemini is associated with the hands, arms and shoulders, so be sure to put yours on display with a sparkly, chunky ring or a shoulder-baring blouse.

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