Fashion For Capricorn: An Astrological Guide to Style

Kelli Fox

Did you know that each of the twelve astrological signs possesses its own, unique style? How does your sign show its true colors? Spring is the perfect time for a makeover — or even a complete closet overhaul. Read on to learn how to enhance your natural astrological energies through your clothing and accessories, and give expression to your very own style through the lens of your Sun sign.

The sign of the Goat has rather conservative tastes when it comes to fashion. You want to project the right image, and considering your ambitious streak — yours is a Cardinal sign, making you naturally authoritative — that image probably has something to do with power and success. As an Earth sign, you look your best in soothing earth tones and natural yet luxurious fibers like silk, wool and linen. Your power colors — charcoal gray, violet and black — also project that air of subtle elegance that you seek. You aren’t one to blow your paycheck on a shopping spree, but you do see the value in a closet that reflects your classic sense of style, and well-made clothes and accessories that won’t fall apart in a hurry. Thus, you’ll splurge on the right item — and if it comes with a designer label, so much the better.

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