Fashion For Cancer: An Astrological Guide to Style

Kelli Fox

Did you know that each of the twelve astrological signs possesses its own, unique style? How does your sign show its true colors? Spring is the perfect time for a makeover — or even a complete closet overhaul. Read on to learn how to enhance your natural astrological energies through your clothing and accessories, and give expression to your very own style through the lens of your Sun sign.

Deeply emotional Cancer tends to wear clothes that correspond with your mood, which can shift from one day to the next. Generally speaking, however, you gravitate toward traditional styles along with items that have sentimental value or carry a history. Vintage shops and thrift stores might be your clothing mecca, along with your grandparents’ closets. Wearing or carrying even a small yet meaningful item, such as your dad’s handkerchief or your grandma’s ring, makes you feel wonderfully connected to generations past. When clothes shopping, seek out hues that evoke the depth and mystery of water, such as green, blue or silver, and project your natural authority as a Cardinal sign with well-made pieces that stand the test of time, such as a fine leather briefcase, belt or pair of shoes.

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