Fashion For Aries: An Astrological Guide to Style

Kelli Fox

Did you know that each of the twelve astrological signs possesses its own, unique style? How does your sign show its true colors? Spring is the perfect time for a makeover — or even a complete closet overhaul. Read on to learn how to enhance your natural astrological energies through your clothing and accessories, and give expression to your very own style through the lens of your Sun sign.

Whether prepping for a date, an evening out with friends or a meeting with a client, Aries loves including a pop of bold color in your outfit, such as a fire-engine-red scarf or an orange bag or briefcase. Fiery colors — red, orange, fuchsia — are perfect for Fire signs, since they command the kind of all-eyes-on-you attention that Aries thrives on. Yours is also a Cardinal sign, which lends you all the qualities of a natural leader, so why not dress the part? When you aren’t dressed in a power suit, you’re probably showing off your high energy and competitive streak in athletic clothes. Don’t forget your visor, hat or headband, since the sign of the Ram is associated with the head.

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