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We all want to look our best, but enhancing your natural beauty is about more than just your coloring, hair type or style preferences. If you want to jazz up your looks in a unique and natural way, try incorporating the traits of your astrological sign. Each of the twelve Sun signs is associated with certain colors and body parts along with its own element and quality. If you pay special attention to these elements when choosing your makeup and hairstyle and putting your look together, you can play up your sign’s best strengths. Read on to find out more about the specific colors, hair and makeup tips, and health information you need to know to look your very best.

Aries (March 20th - April 19th)

As a Cardinal Fire sign, Aries looks best in vivid hues that can stop traffic. Try bright colors for your lipstick and nail polish — fire engine red is always a favorite — and hair colors and cuts that transform your locks into a head of flames. You might dye your hair red, or color just the tips in a blazing hue such as fuchsia or orange. Red eyeliner or shadow is another way to play up the fire theme, as is creating smoldering eyes by using dark, smudgy shadow and liner to achieve a smoky effect. Since your sign tends to be drawn to the radiant Sun, don’t forget to use moisturizer containing SPF every day, even in the winter. Finally, be sure to choose hair and makeup products that support your on-the-go lifestyle. Applying and reapplying touch-ups all day long isn’t for you; you need products that last as long as you do.

Taurus (April 20th - May 20th)

As a Fixed Earth sign, Taurus looks best in earth tones that support a natural, grounded approach to beauty. Choose long-lasting hair and makeup products that continue to do their job throughout the day without smudging or falling flat. Also, look for products with organic or all-natural ingredients; using plant-based products will support your sign’s connection with the earth. If you wear nail polish, choose simple colors that reflect those found in nature, such as warm browns, sky blue, grass green, or the dusky rose of an incredible sunset. Play up your sign’s body parts — your ears, throat and neck — with gorgeous dangling earrings that feature natural materials such as silver, turquoise and other chunks of stone. Be sure also to protect your throat in cooler months with a scarf, to help you avoid illnesses of the throat and neck, such as laryngitis or bronchitis.

Gemini (May 21st - June 20th)

As a Mutable Air sign, Gemini looks best when your hair and makeup reflect your bright, playful personality. Since you’re often on the go, choose a hairstyle that doesn’t need lots of time or products to perfect; something youthful and bouncy or swingy that can air dry is perfect for your lifestyle. For a more sophisticated evening look, dust your cheeks and eyelids with shimmery sparkles from a shimmer powder. This also creates a shifting look that changes in different lights — perfect for someone like you, who loves to keep others guessing. You can also add a dusting of sparkle to your shoulders or collarbone. As your sign’s body parts, these deserve to be played up a bit. Finally, since you tend to talk with your hands, be sure to include them in your regular beauty regimen. Keep your nails clean and nicely filed, or enhance them with a polish in a white, yellow or silver hue. At night, apply cuticle cream and a strong moisturizer to keep your hands looking young and vibrant.

Cancer (June 21st - July 21st)

As a Cardinal Water sign, Cancer looks wonderful in blue, green and silvery shades that evoke the light of the moon and enhance your gorgeous eyes. Eye shadow or liner with a bit of shimmer will summon the beauty of a moonlit night, even during the day. Be sure to drink plenty of water and to wash your face every day, either with a natural cleanser that won’t clog pores or with just plain water, which is surprisingly helpful in purifying the skin. These soft, natural products and approaches also have the added benefit of belying your take-charge, competitive side. When others see you, they might notice only the part of you that is soft-hearted, vulnerable and nurturing — so you can take them by surprise when you show them your authoritative personality and leadership qualities.

Leo (July 22nd - August 21st)

As a Fixed Fire sign, Leo looks best in bold, vivid colors that broadcast your charismatic personality. Many Leos are especially proud of their Lion’s manes of hair, so be sure to highlight your locks in your daily beauty regimen. Invest in a good hairbrush and a nourishing shampoo and conditioner, and find a stylist you trust to give you a flattering cut and style. You might also try playing with bright hair colors that speak to your fiery nature, such as an all-over red or flame-colored tips. Your favorite lipstick might be fire engine red, but don’t be afraid to try red shades on other parts of your face, including your cheeks and eyelids. Since your sign is ruled by and drawn to the radiant Sun, don’t forget to use moisturizer containing SPF every day, even in the colder months. Finally, since your sign’s body part is the heart — and since true beauty comes from the inside out — enhance your physical beauty with heart-healthy practices like regular cardio exercise and a diet rich in vegetables and plant-based fats.

Virgo (August 22nd - September 21st)

As a Mutable Earth sign, Virgo looks best in muted earth tones that enhance your naturally grounded energy. Eye makeup in violet and silver hues helps create a refined and understated look, and is also easy to transition from day to night or work to play. Your sign’s body parts include the stomach, intestines and spleen, and Virgo is naturally concerned with health; thus, your physical beauty comes largely from the inside out. Nourish your entire system with clean, whole and wholesome foods, especially plant-based ones, and pay special attention to your digestion. If you’re experiencing digestive or gastric issues, take it as a sign that your system needs cleansing. On that note, be sure to avoid excessive amounts of coffee, alcohol, sugar and other things that might upset your system.

Libra (September 22nd - October 22nd)

As a Cardinal Air sign, Libra looks best in makeup that plays up your bright, sociable personality. Try lipsticks in rose hues and eye shadow and liner in shades of blue or green. Be sure to balance your skin tone with a tinted moisturizer or a loose powder that will smooth out any uneven tones. Since you’re an on-the-go type of person, you might do best with a wash-and-go hairstyle rather than one that requires lots of products and drying time. On the other hand, as one of the most stylish and style-conscious signs of the Zodiac, you always want to make an excellent first impression, so you might not mind putting extra time and energy into your look. Experiment with makeup that shifts well from day to night, or from the office to a party; one quick and easy trick is to add a dusting of sparkles to cheeks and eyelids with a mineral shimmer powder. Since your sign’s body parts are the skin and kidneys, be sure to sip plenty of water throughout the day to keep your system flushed and your skin supple.

Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st)

As a Fixed Water sign, Scorpio looks best in deep, intense shades of blue, green and crimson that enhance your naturally enigmatic personality. An edgy, angular haircut will add to your mysterious air, especially if you have a fringe of bangs that partially hides your eyes. Speaking of eyes, be sure to spend extra time on these when applying makeup. Play up their mystery with smoky, smudgy liner and shadow, or with striking shades of blue and green that evoke the depths of water. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water every day to help keep your skin clear and luminous, complementing your natural beauty. Seek hair and makeup products that stay put throughout the day without smudging. Your sign’s body part is the pelvis, and sexual health most definitely contributes to your physical beauty. You may notice that when you’re involved in a loving, committed relationship with a healthy, satisfying sexual connection, your skin, eyes and energy level all reflect that optimal health, radiating strength and vitality.

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 20th)

As a Mutable Fire sign, Sagittarius looks best in vivid tones that evoke your sign’s fiery spark. Try eye shadows and liners in bold purples or reds, and lipsticks in deep red or brown hues. Be sure to use a daily moisturizer with SPF, even in winter months, to protect your skin from the bright sun’s rays, especially if you spend lots of time outdoors. As spontaneous and adventurous as you are, you probably enjoy having a constantly changing look that keeps others guessing. Experiment with simple makeup techniques that can transition easily from daytime to nighttime, so you can follow your whims or accept spur-of-the-moment invitations without worrying about having to go home to change clothes or fix your hair. Since your sign’s body parts are the hips and thighs — and since Sagittarius is naturally athletic — keep your body in top form with exercises like running, squats and lunges that strengthen these areas.

Capricorn (December 21st - January 18th)

As a Cardinal Earth sign, Capricorn looks best in grounded, sober earth tones that show the world you’re a force to be reckoned with. You can also project a powerful look with eyeliner and shadow in gray or lavender hues that intensify your eyes. Striking hair and makeup styles support your take-charge, competitive vibe; just be sure to choose long-lasting products that won’t require you to reapply them again and again, since you’re often on the go all day long. Your sign’s body parts are the bones, joints and skin, so be sure to enhance your natural beauty by pampering these parts of yourself. Nourish your skin and joints by eating plenty of vegetables and leafy greens along with healthy fats such as avocados, olive oil, flax seeds, and other seeds and nuts. Leafy greens are also high in calcium, which is good for the bones.

Aquarius (January 19th - February 17th)

As a Fixed Air sign, Aquarius looks best in a look that is simultaneously natural and unique, one that allows you to express your individuality. As a no-nonsense kind of person, you might like a hairstyle that doesn’t require blow-drying, and instead looks best when you simply let it air dry. Similarly, look for makeup products that last all day rather than ones that require you to check and reapply them constantly. Also, be sure to read labels to ensure that your money is going toward companies with environmentally sound and cruelty-free policies — namely, products free of harsh, damaging chemicals that haven’t been tested on animals. When you’re going for a little extra “wow” factor, try dusting your lids or cheeks with shimmery sparkles that shine like the stars. And as one of the most intellectual signs of the Zodiac, don’t be afraid to play up your smarty-pants look with eyeglasses; knowing you, you’ll choose unique frames that will have everyone asking where you found them.

Pisces (February 18th - March 19th)

As a Mutable Water sign, Pisces looks best in makeup that plays up the mystery of your eyes; after all, these deep pools are the windows to your soul. Try eye shadow and liner in blue, green or silvery hues to evoke the depths of water and the light of the moon. To keep your skin luminous, be sure to cleanse your face every day with an all-natural cleanser that won’t clog pores or irritate your skin. You might even try using just plain water, which works better than you might think to cleanse and rejuvenate. You might enjoy the creativity involved in a look that is constantly shifting, so don’t be afraid to try out different products and hair colors. Base your choices on your mood of the day or the effect you’re trying to create. Since your sign’s body parts are your feet and toes, nourish these with regular pedicures or foot massages, and be sure to keep your toenails neatly trimmed. Nail polish colors in shades of silver, blue, green or aquamarine will echo your connection to water.

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  1. ThePaganSun on June 19, 2018 at 12:19 pm

    STOP describing Leo in soft terms. We are a physically active fire sign too (duh) and we rule the 5th House which includes SPORTS and ATHLETICS (not just the exaggerated creative arts and romantic affairs). So start describing THAT side of Leo and leave the extremely exaggerated and purely modern stereotype of the “attention ” crap alone!

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