Beauty Guide for Libra

Kelli Fox

We all want to look our best, but enhancing your natural beauty is about more than just your coloring, hair type or style preferences. If you want to jazz up your looks in a unique and natural way, try incorporating the traits of your astrological sign. Each of the twelve Sun signs is associated with certain colors and body parts along with its own element and quality. If you pay special attention to these elements when choosing your makeup and hairstyle and putting your look together, you can play up your sign’s best strengths. Read on to find out more about the specific colors, hair and makeup tips, and health information you need to know to look your very best.

As a Cardinal Air sign, Libra looks best in makeup that plays up your bright, sociable personality. Try lipsticks in rose hues and eye shadow and liner in shades of blue or green. Be sure to balance your skin tone with a tinted moisturizer or a loose powder that will smooth out any uneven tones. Since you’re an on-the-go type of person, you might do best with a wash-and-go hairstyle rather than one that requires lots of products and drying time. On the other hand, as one of the most stylish and style-conscious signs of the Zodiac, you always want to make an excellent first impression, so you might not mind putting extra time and energy into your look. Experiment with makeup that shifts well from day to night, or from the office to a party; one quick and easy trick is to add a dusting of sparkles to cheeks and eyelids with a mineral shimmer powder. Since your sign’s body parts are the skin and kidneys, be sure to sip plenty of water throughout the day to keep your system flushed and your skin supple.

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