Protecting Yourself from Negative Energies and Psychic Attacks

Kelli Fox

It is an unfortunate reality that negative, even dark energies are present around us every day, everywhere we go. People naturally contain both positive and negative energies, generated by our experiences, our feelings of love, happiness, fear and anger, and more. Our auras — the energy fields that surround us — hold and express these energies, and emit positive or negative vibrations throughout our bodies as well as our environments.

When we come into contact with the aura of an angry, manipulative, fearful or otherwise negative person, we may absorb some of their dark energies into our own auras, and thereby into our bodies. Spirits and other entities can also permeate our auras and enter our bodies. These dark energies and entities can harm us by draining our energy and focus or causing our minds to fill with fearful, negative thoughts or dreams. They can also make us more susceptible to physical illness.

Most energy transfers are both incidental and accidental, and exposure to negative energies is somewhat unavoidable in our daily lives as we visit grocery stores and other public places where we come into contact with a wide variety of other people. There is another type of dark energy transfer, however, that is not accidental, but is in fact a targeted attack; this is known as a psychic attack. Those of us who are especially sensitive, who suffer from fear and anxiety, or who have heightened psychic abilities ourselves are especially vulnerable to psychic attacks. A psychic attack comes from a person, spirit or entity using meditation, dark magic or other means to send harmful vibrations to another person or place. These dark vibrations can permeate human auras as well as physical areas, such as houses or rooms.

Some signs and symptoms that may indicate you have suffered a psychic attack:
· Sudden, unexplained behavior or personality change
· Sudden energy loss, or ongoing, unexplained fatigue
· Frequent, recurring nightmares
· A fear of or aversion to a specific area or room in your home or office
· Ongoing bad luck that defies reason or explanation
· Irrational feelings of fear, anger or depression that seem unattached to real-life causes or events

While many people will never experience an actual psychic attack, we are all at risk of accidentally absorbing negative energies or entities that can cause us psychic harm. For this reason, it is important to know how to protect ourselves.
First and foremost, basic, common-sense safety is as important for your psychic health as it is for your physical health. Just as regular or heavy smoking, alcohol use and drug use put you at risk for physical illness or danger, these same elements make you more susceptible to negative psychic energies or even psychic attack. When you are in an altered mental state, your aura is weakened, giving access to negative energies. Tension and violence are also strong draws for negative energies, as are prolonged or repressed emotional states such as rage, resentment or fear. Living under the weight of feelings such as these weakens your psychic aura and makes you vulnerable to infiltration. Even a prolonged or chronic illness can leave one unprotected against dark energies.

The good news is there are many ways to clear yourself, your aura and your home of these dark energies, and to protect against any future infiltration. These methods may work better in combination than on their own. As with any type of healing, each individual should test different methods to find the particular ones that are most successful for him or her. These methods include:
· Grounding — Grounding yourself — conducting a type of centering meditation — on a daily basis (or more often) is an excellent way to protect yourself from negative energies and entities. This can be a simple visual meditation: Sit down and get comfortable, and imagine yourself with roots that stretch from the bottoms of your feet deep down into the earth. This meditation works best when your feet are planted on the floor, and preferably resting on the actual earth. Stay calm and focused in this meditation for about five minutes to feel its beneficial, protective effects.
· Deep breathing — Similar to grounding yourself, regular deep breathing is an excellent way to release negative emotions like fear and anger that weaken your aura and thereby make you vulnerable to dark energies. Even just a few minutes a day of deep breathing can have positive effects on your psychic as well as your physical health.
· Gemstones — Crystal, amethyst, black obsidian and black tourmaline are all excellent for carrying with you for everyday protection and cleansing. These are especially helpful when you are in a conflict- or tension-ridden environment, or when spending time with someone who is angry, controlling or manipulative. Carry your stone or stones in a pocket on the left side of your body if you wish to draw in protective, healing energies, and on the right side of your body if you wish to release dark, negative energies. If you feel that your stone is not working properly or that its power is diminished, preserve its power by cleansing it each day under running water. To restore a stone’s diminished power, set it outside or beside a window to absorb a full day’s worth of sun and moonlight.
· Smudging with sage — This traditional Native American method is still in widespread use for clearing unwanted energies from oneself, one’s home, and other personal spaces. This method is most effective in clearing accidental transfers of energy; it is less effective against targeted psychic attacks. Place a few leaves of dried white sage in a fire-safe bowl, light the edges of the leaves, and then blow out the flame so the leaves can continue to smoke. This smoke, or smudging, should be waved over your head and around your body before being allowed to disperse throughout the rest of your home. You can also wave the smoke into particular areas of your home that you feel are centers of negative energy.
· Surrounding yourself in white light — While this meditative practice may not be effective against psychic attacks, it is very helpful as a general daily practice for clearing negative energies. To surround yourself with white light, envision a clear, beneficial white light pouring down over your head and body, and surrounding you like a bubble. Let the love and protection this white light brings permeate every part of your mind and body. Maintain this image for several minutes at least, in order to strengthen its protective properties.
· Prayer, loving thoughts and personal affirmations — Consciously choosing to think lovingly and generously toward yourself and others will go a long way toward strengthening your aura. The overall health of your aura is directly related to how susceptible you are to both psychic attacks and accidental transfers of negative energies. The stronger and healthier your aura, the less vulnerable you are to dark energies and entities. Engage mindfully in a daily practice of prayer, positive affirmations, or simply loving thoughts directed inward as well as toward the people around you.
· An energy clearing session — A professional psychic can conduct an energy-clearing session in which he or she will detect the negative energies and entities that surround you, and then work to clear them away. Professional energy workers specialize in reading energy fields; they can be quite helpful in identifying and clearing dark energies from your aura, body or home. A good energy worker is especially helpful when dealing with a psychic attack coming from a strong, dark energy or entity.

Practice with the above methods to find which works best for you and your particular situation. If you practice with white light meditations, positive affirmations and other types of mind-centering practices, over time, your mind and body will begin to perform these processes almost automatically. You will have a healthy, protected aura that will be difficult for any negative energies to cross.

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