Making Contact with the Other Side

Kelli Fox

What, exactly, is the “other side” — also referred to as the spirit world, or the world that lies beyond the veil? What, for that matter, is a spirit? Can we make contact with a loved one who has died, or with our spirit guides — if, indeed, we have such guides? Does one need a Ouija board, a crystal ball or a deck of tarot cards to contact spiritual entities?

These questions are certainly up for thoughtful discussion and debate, and they tend to crop up more often as Halloween nears. Some people find it wonderfully titillating, or even deliciously creepy, to imagine connecting with the spirits of people who have passed on to the other side. This is likely thanks to the countless Hollywood horror and science-fiction films that have done a number on our perceptions and beliefs when it comes to disembodied spirits, lost souls and other esoteric phenomena.

While there is a wide range of beliefs, disbeliefs and likely misperceptions connected with everything related to the spirit and the spiritual realm, many professional psychics, hypnotherapists and others agree that humans do have spirits that extend beyond our physical selves and that are, in fact, linked with the Divine. Many also agree that the spirit world, or the “other side,” is not a “creepy” place at all, but is, in fact, a place of love and understanding — a place where our spirits reside, learn, teach, and grow, in part through our experiences as humans living on Earth.

When it comes to strengthening our psychic abilities, including the ability to make contact with spirits on the other side, there are several everyday practices that can be quite effective. Some are part of a more formal psychic practice or journey, while others are simply strategies for increasing your psychic sensitivity along with your ability to initiate contact with the spirit world.

If you desire to make contact with the other side, one of the most important things to do, right from the beginning of your journey, is to set your intention to communicate with a spirit on the other side. Once you make it known, to yourself and to the spirit world, that you desire to communicate “across the veil,” you have taken the first step toward making your desire a reality.

It is also a good practice to perform a white-light meditation anytime you choose to begin any psychic work, including making contact with the other side. To perform this meditation, make sure you are calm, alert and centered, and that you have satisfied any bodily needs, such as hunger or thirst. Then, sit quietly as you focus on creating an image of pure white light that surrounds your entire body, showering down over the top of your head and enveloping you in the shape of a cone or balloon. Visualize this white light as a source of energetic protection that will help you remain safe as you connect with positive, helpful and well-intentioned spiritual entities.

Once you feel you have created a strong current of benevolent and protective energy, you are ready to begin your attempt to make contact with the spirit world. Following are a few simple techniques for reaching out and making contact with the other side.

1. Listen to your gut, your intuition, or whatever you prefer to call it — those inner messages that flash into your consciousness from time to time, steering you toward certain choices, for example, or away from others. Some claim these messages are simply bits of common-sense information that originates from perceptions within your unconscious mind, but many believe these are actually pieces of guidance from the spirit world. Either way, your intuition will rarely steer you wrong, and heeding these bits of wisdom can only enhance the truth and power of these messages. Furthermore, when you heed them, you are valuing them as direct, conscious contact with a source of spiritual guidance from the other side.

2. Ask for contact with someone you loved who has passed on. If you have a dear, departed loved one whom you would like to contact, focus on their photograph or a mental image of them, and ask them for a sign that they have heard your plea for communication. Then pay careful attention to be sure to catch the signal — in whatever form it might arrive. It might be a song you happen to hear on the radio, a sign you see by the side of the road, or something a stranger says to you in passing — something containing words or images that are both meaningful and specific to your relationship with the departed person whom you are trying to reach.

3. Pay close attention to your dreams. When we dream during sleep, we are in a subconscious state that leaves our minds more open than usual to messages, images and visitations from the other side. If you have asked for contact with a specific spirit, as suggested above, their signal might come to you in a dream, or they might actually visit you as you sleep, so to speak. Be sure to pay attention to your dreams, and write them down or record them on an audio recorder as soon as you awaken, so you won’t forget their imagery.

4. Try hypnotherapy. Also known as hypnosis, hypnotherapy can be an effective way to make contact with the other side. An experienced hypnotherapist can guide you into a relaxed, centered and receptive state, also known as trance, that is perfect for connecting with a spiritual entity or spirit guide. For best results, seek out a hypnotherapist who is specially trained in this type of psychic work, such as one who specializes in past-life regression. This type of hypnotherapist can help guide you through a communication session with a spiritual entity, as well as guide you back to your “real,” physical self once again.

Practicing these few, simple techniques will help you increase your psychic sensitivity as well as your receptivity to messages coming from the other side. Over time, you may even begin to recognize that you have actually been in contact with the spirit world many times throughout your life, through dreams, intuitive hunches and other common experiences that you may not have realized were actually contact with a spirit guide. Once you are able to be conscious in your contact with the spirit world, you will become open to an amazing source of wisdom, guidance and love that will help you navigate this life with greater intelligence, compassion and intention.

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  1. Jennnifer on April 6, 2018 at 9:34 am

    My friends knew no limits in their own life before they passed on.Sometimes they seem to prove they are visiting. They are positive, usually.

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