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Astrology can help individuals understand deeper aspects of their personality. Many people are reluctant to look for astrological information, because it is confusing at times. In addition to characteristic traits, astrology information can sometimes include information pertaining to luck, balance, holistic indications, and compatibility. Each zodiac sign has different personality traits, which means that each sign will have various modules to help keep individuals on path.

LIBRA: September 22 - October 21 – The Scales

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of sensuality, luxury, and pleasures. The symbol for this sign is the Scales. The Scales indicate Venus’s ability to fluctuate her abilities in a productive manner. Libra is all about balance, anything that disrupts this signs momentum will be eliminated. Libra is a Cardinal Air Sign; these people can show anyone how to work hard, while enjoying the fruits of their labor in the midst of work-related tasks.

Libra Temperament

Libra people are very generous and caring... They will work hard for the right amount of remuneration. Libra’s avoid doing things that don’t fit their personalities. These people are opinionated. Some will not wait for you ask the question to share their thoughts but always in a diplomatic way.

If there is a party going on, there will be at least one Libra present. They don’t like to be bored, and can motivate people to step out of their comfort zones. Since Libra is ruled by the air element their words are usually eloquent and articulate.

In love relationships, they will do almost anything to please their partners. Some Libras can be indecisive and wishy-washy, and they will tell a lie if necessary. Libra’s make excellent business managers, stylists, fashion designers, and legal professionals.

Astrological Facts

This sign rules the kidneys, bladder, lower back, buttocks, and veins.

Your primary lucky stone is the opal. Other stones associated with the sign are peridot, sapphire, and agate. Your lucky numbers are 6, 15, 33, and 60.

Your lucky colors are blue and green. Your lucky day of the week is Friday. Libra people are compatible with Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

Holistic Facts

It is imperative for the Libra to remain spiritually, mentally, and physically balanced. Essential oils can be used to enhance mental dexterity, creativity, and physical stamina. Libra’s that want to strengthen their inner core or enhance courageous qualities can use orange, cardamom, elemi, or orange essential oils. Those who are seeking tranquility can use lavender, sandalwood, chamomile, and jasmine. Use lemongrass, rosemary, or basil to boost creativity.

Good and Bad Qualities of a Libra

Some Libra’s will avoid upsetting a person by alienating themselves from that individual. They will lie to spare another person’s feelings. The Libra’s goal is to always keep harmony in their home, which causes them to bite their tongues during domestic quarrels. Overall Libra people are kind and giving, but they would rather keep their feelings hidden to keep the peace.

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