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Astrology can help individuals understand deeper aspects of their personality. Many people are reluctant to look for astrological information, because it is confusing at times. In addition to characteristic traits, astrology information can sometimes include information pertaining to luck, balance, holistic indications, and compatibility. Each zodiac sign has different personality traits, which means that each sign will have various modules to help keep individuals on path.

GEMINI: May 21- June 20 – The Twins

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of intellect and communication. While the Twins are used as the symbol to indicate the zodiac signs dualistic personality, it also represents the Gemini’s ability to adapt to any situation. Gemini is a Mutable Air Sign, and some of these individuals avoid deep romantic connections. Gemini has an everlasting thirst for freedom, change, and excitement.

Gemini Temperament

The Gemini temperament falls into two distinct categories, which usually plays a vital role in their careers, family values, social interactions, and behaviors. The typical Gemini will be rambunctious, lively, and free-spirited. On the other hand, a Gemini can be very stable, municipal, concrete, and rule abiding.

The archetypal Gemini will be playful and adventurous regardless of other characteristic traits. Gemini’s are very protective of their friends and relatives. At times, the Gemini will be mistaken for the passionate Cancer, due to their nurturing abilities. It is rare to find an anti-social Gemini, but those that are anti-social usually have excellent writing, problem solving, and teaching abilities.

Social interactions will not prevent Gemini’s from using multiple communicative instruments such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and video game consoles. These people are capable of having an intellectual conversation, while completing an editorial assignment. However, some Gemini’s will never allow anyone to interrupt them when they are performing a work and school-related task.

A clever Gemini will always find a way to obtain free information or items by using their wit. Their intelligence and natural communication skills can be transformed into lucrative career aptitudes. Gemini’s can be excellent consultants, editors, writers, travel guides, transportation professionals, researchers, and teachers.

Astrological Facts

This sign rules the shoulders, arms, hands, nerves, and lungs. Your lucky colors sign are yellow, grey, and silver.

As a Gemini, your lucky stone is the pearl... However, there are other birthstones linked to the month of June such as agate, moonstone, tiger’s eye, alexandrite, and ruby. Another lucky stone for the Gemini is Topaz. Emerald is typically related to the month of May.

Your lucky numbers for Gemini’s are 5 and 9. In regards to the weekday, your lucky day is Wednesday. Gemini’s are compatible with Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Holistic Facts

Particular essential oils are well-suited to help Gemini’s with various issues. Many Gemini’s have problems with attentiveness, balance, and connecting with their inner-self. The best essential oils for focus are cinnamon, ginger, rosemary, basil, grapefruit, and cedar wood. Those who are feeling imbalanced can use sandalwood, lavender, myrrh, and juniper. If you need to connect with your inner-self use ylang ylang, chamomile, rose, sandalwood, or jasmine.

Good and Bad Qualities of a Gemini

Gemini’s are viewed as the whimsical characters of the zodiac. Contrary to popular belief, Gemini’s can be particularly resourceful in times of need. Aside from being talkative, the Gemini can be a very good listener. The majority of Gemini’s are very understanding, but some can be extremely judgmental. They are known for their legendary word-play, which can be used to boost or decrease another person’s ego.

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  1. Nika on August 21, 2019 at 2:10 am

    Geminis are not compatible with Sagittarrians, but with Arians! Arians are the best for them!. Especially Aries men and Gemini women.

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