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Astrology can help individuals understand deeper aspects of their personality. Many people are reluctant to look for astrological information, because it is confusing at times. In addition to characteristic traits, astrology information can sometimes include information pertaining to luck, balance, holistic indications, and compatibility. Each zodiac sign has different personality traits, which means that each sign will have various modules to help keep individuals on path.

CANCER: June 22-July 21 – Crab

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the planet of nurturing and emotions. The Crab is the symbol for this zodiac sign. The symbol is a direct indication of the Cancer person’s moodiness and the ability to connect well with others. Cancer is a Cardinal Water Sign, which means they are able to take care of those they care about.

Cancer Temperament

Cancer people are emotional beings. These individuals have the ability be resourceful in any environment. They will protect their family to a fault. Cancers are sensitive as well, they can be easily offended.

It is rare to find a Cancer that is not in a relationship, or one that does not have children. This is not to say that they all have a tribe of children, but they usually have at least one. They will befriend anyone, these friendships usually last a lifetime. However, once someone disrespects a Cancer or threatens their family, the Crab will show its true face.

Cancers can become great leaders in religious, rehabilitation, and workplace environments. Cancer people are efficient facility managers, nurses, doctors, natural healers and any other professional related to water.

Astrological Facts

This sign rules the stomach, digestive system and breasts.

Your primary lucky stone is the Ruby. Other stones associated with the sign are sapphire, pearl, and the moonstone. Your primary lucky number is 2, which is the number of the Moon. 7 and 11 are also lucky numbers associated with Cancer.

Your lucky colors are white, cream-based colors, and orange. Your lucky day of the week is Monday. Cancer people are most compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.

Holistic Facts

Cancer people often have issues with emotional outbursts, letting go of the past, sensitivity, and digestion. If you have issues with your stomach or digestion system use rosemary, peppermint, lemon, or chamomile essential oil. Honeysuckle and frankincense oils can be used to help let go of the past. Those who are struggling with dependency can use sage, jasmine, clary, or rose.

Good and Bad Qualities of a Cancer

Cancer people have the ability to understand another person’s perspective. They can be judgmental and headstrong if they feel that a person is making a mistake. They will only teach or tell a person how to do something a few times, afterwards the Cancer will let the person to dig their own hole. Although, they are very nurturing and protective, Cancer people can be emotional and demanding.

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