Daily Horoscope (January 5, 2022)

Kelli Fox

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The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune aren’t aimed at you today, which gives you freedom. Enjoy the present moment before it’s gone.
Your day transforms from frustrating to pleasurable. Don’t be too set in your ways in the morning. By evening, you’ll feel soft and mellow.
Things that seem clear in the morning become a fog by the afternoon. Get you important work done early. That leaves half a day for play.
You wake up with a lot on your mind. Go through this process. By day’s end you’ll make peace with the universe. Feel your emotions.
Someone misunderstands you. Don’t slink off to separate corners. Explain yourself. Ask for input and listen carefully. You want to improve.
Meet with your peers or a group of like-minded people. Create a sense of equality, in which everyone is feels safe, respected and valued.
How well do you fit in? Usually you adjust your behavior to match others’ expectations, but today you want to express yourself honestly.
Things improve as the day wears on. You feel irritable in the morning, but by evening you’re ready for a good meal and some downtime.
You see things with a new perspective today. Something has changed. Take advantage of any sensible opportunities that come your way.
You’re thinking about yourself and where you want to go next. Are you on the right path? Ask sincerely and you’ll get an honest answer.
You’ve got too many ideas to manifest them all. That’s why you keep track. Try to draw your idea or concept — a picture is worth a lot.
You’re mentally stimulated. It’s too much for someone who usually lives in a sea of emotions. Get creative using your medium of choice.
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