Daily Horoscope (November 4, 2021)

Kelli Fox

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Tap into your passion today for positive, intense experiences, but stay calm when it starts to overwhelm. Avoid angry outbursts. Stay cool!
Life gets intense today. Your feelings are strong, and things seem bigger than they really are. Giving in to stubbornness isn’t a good idea.
Make a passionate connection today, but avoid arguing. If you do exchange heated words, watch what you say. It’s easy to inflame someone!
You have tremendous insight into human nature today. You may realize that most people are feeling vulnerable now. This helps you help them.
Today you crave closeness, affection and connection. Be honest if you get into an argument. This could actually increase your intimacy.
Today you’re capable of great compassion. And people could really use your insight. They’re all worked up, but you can tell they’re scared.
The depth of your feelings may surprise you today. Desire takes center stage, and jealousy is possible. Maybe you’re feeling vulnerable.
Today things seem bigger than they really are. It’s easy to get emotional, and hard to talk yourself down. If you hurt someone, apologize.
The truth could come out in surprising ways today. The process of change can be tough, but you’re all for creating greater openness.
Powerful experiences make for an interesting day. You derive great strength from personal connections. Others’ support empowers you.
Delve into passionate feelings today. Hey, at least you won’t take them to the dark extremes some folks do! Plus, they’ll pass soon.
Feelings overwhelm you today. Love is powerful and consuming. Emotions are universal, and they help you reach out to your fellow humans.
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