Daily Horoscope (November 2, 2021)

Kelli Fox

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Rev up that yang energy. It’s time to coordinate and dominate. The current energy is right up your alley, so flex those muscles and shine.
If you’re grouchy about someone’s submissive attitude, maybe it’s because you see your timid self in them. Stay strong — and forgiving.
Greet every possible culture and learn as much as you can in the next day. Maybe you’ll find an unlikely mate in this diverse world.
Lots of people have problems. You’ll only give them another if you’re moody. Don’t pout; try to improve everyone’s reality for today.
Cultivated wit and sassy delivery will pave your path today. Being noticed can be hard work at times, but it’s satisfying.
Do you aim to please or to win? You can be both obliging and solution-oriented now. Tap into your reserves of patience for the best effect.
Today is perfect for checking in on your allies. If you must be direct, be humane. Then everyone feels good about your honesty.
Balance appeals to you now, in your work, your relationships and your finances alike. Working steadily today actually creates inspiration.
Make your footloose way along an established path. Be an impartial observer at sites of awe and wonder. Savor this day of freedom.
You want to improve your status, but you don’t want to offend anyone. Can you accomplish both goals? You’ll find out today.
You could start a renaissance now, with your vibrant energy and singular creativity. Get out there and mingle with other imaginative types.
You’re feeling disconnected from your sweetie, or maybe just from your own sense of passion. Don’t worry, though. You’ll tune in again soon.
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