Daily Horoscope (November 13, 2021)

Kelli Fox

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You’re feeling more emotional than usual. Focus on others’ needs and do something to benefit someone else. You’ll feel good about yourself.
You’re in a gentle, sentimental mood. Nurture your loved ones with comfort food. Find ways to make everyone around you feel loved.
You feel vulnerable and emotionally stirred up — and you don’t like it at all. Try to embrace it. Welcome the impressions that come to you.
Reach out to loved ones today. You’re extra intuitive now, so it feels as if the people you care about are nearby, even if they aren’t.
You aren’t sure how to handle today’s emotional ups and downs. Remember, any feelings you’re having of confusion or melancholy will pass.
Normally you spend the day working, cleaning or organizing, but today you feel low-energy. Don’t worry, and don’t struggle. This will pass.
You’re feeling softhearted, and time with loved ones soothes your soul. The universe will bring you what you need. Have faith in that.
You sincerely want to help someone in need today — no hidden agenda here. So reach out and lend someone a hand. This creates good karma.
You’re feeling emotional, or someone near you is. Don’t get discouraged. It’s okay to feel confused about your goals. Just take it easy.
You’re always pushing toward your own endeavors, but focus on someone else today, too, Capricorn. Helping them will make you feel good.
You love people, but sometimes you seem aloof. Today, access your warm, affectionate side. Let people know you care about them greatly.
You’re entering a new period of personal growth. Set a goal and start working toward it. In a couple of days, you’ll feel a burst of energy.
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