Daily Horoscope (October 28, 2021)

Kelli Fox

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Today you gravitate naturally toward the spotlight. Since your charisma is on high, you’ll get a lot of positive feedback from others.
Your energy and strength are up today. You shine in situations that put your best qualities to work. But your temper is up too. Watch it!
Today’s warm, sunny vibe is perfect for good times with good people. Be generous. Even your tall tales can inspire uproarious laughter!
You have extra energy today, but you’re likely to feel worn out by evening if you have to interact a lot. Take breaks and do your best!
Show off your charisma today. Just try not to come across to other people as arrogant, or it will be harder to win them over to your side.
Energy boosts your confidence today. Now you’re in touch with your real self. Use your newfound strength and creativity to your advantage!
Social gatherings are where it’s at today. Friends both old and new appeal. You’ve got a bounce in your step and a ready smile on your face!
Ego clashes are possible today, especially in the presence of a strong personality. Someone’s bold mannerisms could rub you the wrong way.
You’re feeling playful today. You might even feel like a kid again! Friends and children offer warmth and cheer. Creativity is on high.
You have energy to spare today. You might feel very insistent about your opinions or agenda. Remember, other people have their own ideas.
You may find yourself in the spotlight today, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Make the most of it! Use the attention to promote a cause.
It’s easy to get sucked into other people’s theatrics today, because you truly want to help them. Take their stories with a grain of salt.
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