Daily Horoscope (October 27, 2021)

Kelli Fox

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Creative tension is a delicate balance. Don’t be stingy or careless today. You could topple this beautiful house of cards.
Don’t let the critics and cynics get to you. Let charm and compassion be your defense. Focus on comfort today. You’re a Taurus, after all.
It’s a playful time. Certain discoveries and relationships have you over the moon. In another day the world will know why you’re happy.
The situation demands controlled creativity. You have plenty of that. One day of your single-minded approach will make this a better world.
You want to save everything, which helps you encourage thriftiness in others. Maybe they’ll pick up some of your creativity or good habits.
Suddenly you’re all about true grit and salt of the earth. You’re squeaky clean, too. Celebrate traditional values. Who needs the add-ons?
Emotions might overwhelm you today. You’re too timid to do anything about it. Let someone else’s scene play out your inner state.
You’ll be a constant companion or a formidable enemy today. Whatever others want, you’ll oblige. Your range is wide.
All this explicit talk is making you shy. You’d rather connect by subtler means. It could be an uncomfortable day before you resolve this.
For some, devotion is about love. Others simply fear the alternatives. Concentrate on yourself today and it will all make sense.
Cheerleading and partisan politics feel oppressive today. You’re too flexible for those rigid postures. Can you share your wisdom?
Many things will inspire you today. You’ll profit from some of these good ideas. Be honorable and credit your sources.
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