Daily Horoscope (May 9, 2021)

Kelli Fox

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You have big plans and the energy it takes to achieve them. But you don’t have to do everything right this moment. Do some planning first.
It’s good to feel excited and inspired, but be sure to regulate your energy output today. Take breaks and fuel up with water and good food.
A whirlwind of activity and conversation, you blaze trails from one person or project to another. You may not get much done, but that’s OK.
If someone takes issue with your work today, you’ll find it hard not to get defensive. It’s easy now to react from an emotional standpoint.
Your goals are clear and your confidence is strong. You welcome a competitive challenge as an opportunity to prove yourself and your worth!
Other people appreciate your capable attitude, but there’s no need to take on more than your fair share of work or other burdens today.
People may not normally think of you as a leader, but today is your chance to show everyone that you possess leadership qualities.
You have a specific goal in mind today. Ask someone for input, unless you tend to have a tricky temper, in which case, work solo for now.
High energy is great, but how you harness it is also important. Consider your conversations to be brainstorming or recruitment sessions.
You have lots of take-charge energy ready to direct, but watch your tone of voice. Be cheerful and nice and you’ll get better results!
Get involved in a cause you really believe in. Your energy is high, giving you a boost to work effectively. But do think through each move.
Surges of energy alternate with periods of exhaustion today. Smooth out your energy by building in regular breaks to take walks or naps.
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