Daily Horoscope (May 8, 2021)

Kelli Fox

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Your best qualities are aroused today, but so is your impulsive streak. The trick is finding a happy medium. Ride the wave of high spirits.
Your personal goals loom large and insistent in your mind today. Mind how you present your ideas to others. Or make solo plans, for now.
You feel ready to tackle the world — you just need to decide where to start! Don’t try to make any decisions. Just go with your heart.
You’re feeling all stirred up. Your energy is all over the place — high and scattered. So is everyone else’s. If you’re annoyed, let it go.
You’re pumped! Life seems to vibrate with newfound vitality. This promises to be a great day, but try not to be too bossy toward others.
High energy paired with your usual can-do attitude makes for an active day. But try not to wear yourself out or take on too much today.
Lively conversations and social activity speed up the day. Brainstorming at a meeting goes well. So does a date with someone special.
Your ambitions are stirred up. You know you’re capable of being a good leader. If anyone can engineer a solution to a problem, it’s you.
You’re brimming with vibrant energy, interested in every person and situation. Watch out for rash behavior. Keep a sense of purpose in mind.
To keep your cool and that famous lasting power, moderate your energy throughout the day. Make it a productive work day, Capricorn.
Your energy is high again — good! Now you’re full of ideas and enough energy to bring them to reality. Just be sure you aren’t being hasty.
An energy surge fills you with can-do spirit, but don’t overdo it. It’s easy to end up feeling scattered and frazzled by evening.
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