Daily Horoscope (May 2, 2021)

Kelli Fox

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Teamwork is highlighted today, and you’re happy to be one of the crowd. You’ll still find a way to make your own, distinctive mark!
Get a little funky today! Why not? Everyone has an unconventional side. What’s yours? Release that individual voice that lives inside you.
Today your mind buzzes with fascinating ideas you want to explore. Be sure to avoid restrictive people and environments. You need freedom!
Today, look outward into the world around you. Your friends or your local community could use your input. Get updated and involved.
Be creative in all you do today. Now you can show people what you’re all about. Just don’t grasp at eccentricity purely for its own sake!
Today, warm, emotional connections aren’t in the cards, but that’s OK. Now you have a chance to organize all your new, interesting ideas.
Changing the world is very possible today, especially with the help of friends or colleagues. When you offer a suggestion, they listen.
Someone may challenge your usual way of thinking today. Or maybe it will be an idea that gives you a new perspective. This is a good thing!
Today you require mental and philosophical freedom. Brainstorm with someone who won’t restrict your ideas. See what works and what doesn’t.
Today you want to get involved and make a difference. Your leadership skills will help with this. So will your ability to manage resources.
Today you want to change the world for the better, starting with some obvious areas in need of improvement. Get involved and get started!
Today you can use both your heart and your head in figuring out what the world is all about. Abstract ideas? No problem, not for you!
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