Daily Horoscope (April 4, 2021)

Kelli Fox

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You want to accomplish something specific today. But obstacles standing in your way could make you testy. Finesse your way through them.
Today may be a bit sober, but you aren’t in the mood to indulge anyway. Keep your gaze trained steadily on the future you’d like to create.
Other people seem humorless today. And no matter what you try, they won’t crack a smile! You’d better show them you can get serious, too.
Nervousness makes you uptight now. Make a practical plan to deal with professional or financial uncertainty. A methodical approach is best.
Emotional connections are a bit lacking today. Why not distract yourself with work? You’re capable of focused effort. Get lost in a project.
You’re in your element today. All systems hum right along. You’re an efficiency expert in your own life. Streamline everyday processes.
Generosity comes naturally to you, but today, be prudent in your spending. Save your cash, and spend only what’s absolutely necessary.
You possess tremendous self-control, and today it’s especially easy to defer momentary pleasures for future gain. Visualize your goal.
Use common sense today. Research career opportunities or ask for a raise — if, of course, you know you’ve been doing a solid job!
You’re feeling cautious yet inwardly strong today. Rely on your acute perceptions to guide you. Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks.
A pleasantly capable feeling comes over you today. Show others you can get the job done, whatever it is. That’s what will impress them most.
Be sensible today with money, time and other resources. Establishing a routine is a good idea now, since you’re more likely to stick to it.
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