Daily Horoscope (April 23, 2021)

Kelli Fox

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Stop being so stubborn. You’ll just depress yourself, deplete your resources and clip your own wings. Try flying in a different direction.
You’re feeling passive, yet your attention is keen and your mind lucid. Make these observational faculties useful.
Are you suffering from a superiority complex? If so, maybe it’s masking feelings of inferiority. But you’re just as good and flawed as ever.
You’re focused on proper health and safety. Today, everyone around you will benefit from your warm, nurturing protection.
Use your natural acting abilities to show the world an unblemished exterior. They don’t have to know everything that’s going on inside you.
Direct action will be required today. Repair your environment and soothe your conscience. You should have done this ages ago.
Creativity isn’t always a wild force. Take a studious approach for now. Even if this seems too subdued, it’s only as boring as you make it.
Today brings a chance to rebuild your reputation. People think of you as versatile but dependable. Live up to their expectations.
Unique individuals should be proud. But too much attention could make you insecure for a day or sp. That’s okay. You’ll work through this.
Mindful living and clean, clear thinking come easily today. Put your sharp mind to work making much-needed, long-overdue improvements.
Your inhibitions are making you do and say outrageous things. It’s time to break out of this loop. You can still salvage a tricky situation.
If honesty is lonely, so be it. You don’t want to play any game that involves lying. But maybe the other person is telling their own truth.
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