Daily Horoscope (April 17, 2021)

Kelli Fox

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You may experience emotional ups and downs today. Try not to react without thinking, as that can make a tense situation even tougher.
Your nurturing side is highlighted today. Give compassionate advice and affection to your friends and family. This could be a real gift.
Don’t be surprised if you feel a little moody today. Suddenly you’re more aware of the memories or experiences that push your buttons.
Emotional issues may come up today, including ones from the past. It’s a good time to reveal your true feelings, including needs and hurts.
The comforts of home appeal to you today, especially if you’re feeling blue. Spend time with trusted friends who know how to help you.
Set practical concerns aside today and embrace the feeling side of life. Someone needs your sympathy. Offer warm advice and understanding.
Expect emotional ups and downs today, whether your own or someone else’s. On the positive side, it’s a wonderful day to connect lovingly.
Your insight into human nature deepens today. It’s easy to understand what makes others tick. You may be ready to forgive an old offense.
Today you might crave comfortable, familiar surroundings, but you might also feel constricted by someone’s needs or expectations of you.
Today, treat yourself and others with loving kindness. That includes facing sticky feelings you might rather ignore. Listen with compassion.
Today’s celestial spotlight is on the past. Old emotional issues may come to light. If there’s something you need to process, do so now.
Nurturing others comes naturally to you, today especially. You’ll selflessly offer a sensitive ear to any friend who needs your support.
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