Daily Horoscope (October 3, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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You may be a slow bloomer, but you’re bold in your own way. Set some new rules. Give people a little time to realize who’s in charge.
Practical solutions make more sense for a cohesive group. You’re strong so keep everyone together today. There’s strength in numbers.
Take a day-long break from your usual fast pace. Life is good here in this steady state. Maybe you could try to prolong this for a while.
Contentment is a slow, easy cruise. If any parts of your life need repair, why not start now? You’ve got the energy and creativity needed.
Your friends may be too busy to call. Insisting on having your needs met isn’t the way to endear yourself to others. Have a heart.
There’s no hiding your lust for life today, so don’t even try to stay cool! Go ahead and enjoy the fun you’re having. You deserve it.
Though you don’t mean to, you could be causing confusion with your slanted view. Time to surrender control and tell the honest truth.
Being private and self-sufficient is no stand-in for human company and input. Even if a compromise is hard to reach, you need these people.
You crave a thrilling, low-maintenance lifestyle. But unless you’re rich or lucky, this is impractical. Time to work on accepting reality.
Wrapping up old business feels great, as if you’ve cleared the air for something new and exciting. So what’s the new project going to be?
Okay, everyone has needs. Bad behavior won’t get you what you want, but courtesy will. Exercise will work out the remaining kinks.
You only seem pliable. There’s a method to how much you’ll let others manipulate and maneuver. Today you’ll get the last laugh.
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