Daily Horoscope (October 22, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Do yourself a favor, and slow down a little today. Don’t overlook important details. They can make or break a deal in the long run.
You feel productive and practical today, and you being grounded feels right. Others look to you for solutions, advice and resources.
Go briskly about your business today. Attend to the practical concerns of your life. If you need help, someone may cross your path soon.
Devote yourself to creating a secure future. If outer circumstances don’t force you to take charge of these matters, your inner parent will.
Leadership skills are tested today. Exercise your strength and character by holding the line. Assert your authority. People look up to you.
Work is focused and intense today. Details are no match for your attention. Staying grounded helps you get so much more accomplished.
You don’t want glory for yourself, but you do want your efforts on behalf of others to be noticed. Apply yourself to this, and they will be.
It feels good to be so in control of your life. Organize early today, and make headway toward your goals. You’ll sleep very well tonight!
Do more than dream about the future. Think seriously about where you want to go and what you need to change now. Let your dream become real.
You’re forging ahead, energetic and surefooted. You make substantial gains by day’s end. By evening, call it good enough. Eat and sleep.
You’re squirming against an attempt to confine your movements. Your reaction matters more than the exact circumstances. Be mature.
Come down to earth before the day is over. Despite a serious atmosphere, you’re drifting through life. At least others know what to expect.
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