Daily Horoscope (September 22, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Your zest for life keeps you alert and enterprising. Visions are hatched and deals are cut in the next two days. Share all relevant data.
You feel biased against those who are too well put together. Maybe your own appearance is a little slovenly. Spend a few days sprucing up.
It’s OK to aspire. Just use diplomacy to get where you’re going. Others may already be on edge for the next few days. Don’t push them over.
Other loudmouths irritate you. Only you get to speak up for the next two days. You’re so weighed down with words that this seems reasonable.
For two days you’ll be ready for anything. You hang loose while staying exquisitely composed. Solve equations and crack codes with a smile.
You’re too twitchy to stand on ceremony. Childhood issues or present concerns have your feet to the fire. Remain upright no matter what.
There’s a subtle bounce in your stride for the next day or so. You have your reasons for being so obliging. The right people will see them.
Change is inherently funny. Even so, internalize your laughter for two days. Some people here may not share your sense of humor about this.
Keep all deals aboveboard and all acts kindly. Be strong and restrain yourself for today at least. After that you can cut loose again.
Temper your wild visions with some common sense. Preserve order and dignity for the next two days. That would be your dignity, by the way.
Stay adaptable for another two days. It’s OK to deviate from the pattern. Right now the best opportunities are far off the beaten path.
The flesh is willing but the spirit is weak. You’re pulled by desire’s abrupt demands. Separate yourself from your body’s wants today.
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