Daily Horoscope (September 15, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Slow down today. Approach life in a careful, methodical way. Someone’s expectations may seem too high, but do your best to live up to them.
Today, minor details jump out at you. It’s easy to see how they add up to create the big picture. This enables you to fine-tune things.
Life gets grounded and stable today. Knowing you, you may have a hard time staying calm and focused! Rely on procedures and formulas.
Today you’re soothed by systems and procedures that make logical sense. You can spot issues as you go along and fix them as you proceed.
Today you may find it hard to live up to your own expectations. Find the balance between doing your best and knowing your own limits.
Focus today on getting your life on track in any way needed. The current cosmic influence is perfect for recommitting to a sensible regimen.
Toe the line today. Living up to expectations should be easy since you genuinely care about pleasing others. You can relax in a day or two.
Today it should be easy to keep your emotions and your responsibilities separate. Your heart and mind are working smoothly together.
Today’s cosmic energy emphasizes logical processes and methodical approaches. Invite this energy into your life. Take care in your duties.
Today, deal with life on your favorite terms: the real, measurable and actual. Everything has a process. If not, establish one as you go.
You’re holding yourself to high standards today. Is it important to be so perfectionistic? It’s good to finish something and move on.
It’s hard to stay focused today. You can sense intuitively that you need to concentrate, yet your mind wanders, or you may feel overwhelmed.
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